Does Your Accident Merit A Personal Injury Lawyer?

It can be tough for accident victims to decide what to do after an accident. They may feel they are being taken advantage of by the insurer but are not sure how or what to do about it. It may help to use the below questions before you either do it yourself or engage a personal injury lawyer.

Is the other driver at fault? If you and the other driver cannot agree on who caused the accident, you might need a lawyer to help you locate evidence and prove your case. If you are found to be even a little bit at fault, you might end up being paid nearly nothing.

Are your physical injuries serious? The more serious your injuries, the more likely it could be that you will be taken advantage of by the other side. The at-fault driver's insurer may be aggressive with a settlement and rush you to accept a check. Those are red flags that you need a lawyer so that you can be paid every penny you deserve. Serious injuries that impact you for several months or a lifetime may deserve a higher level of compensation.

Did you suffer from injuries that caused permanent disabilities? Injuries don't always heal in a few months. Unfortunately, some victims are left with injuries that change their lives forever. You will need to consider your and your family's future. The other driver might owe you lost income, future medical needs, home accommodations, and more.

Has a family member has passed away as a result of the driver's carelessness (or negligence)? Unfortunately, auto accidents kill family members on an all-too-often basis. Certain relatives and domestic partners of the deceased might be entitled to death benefits. Speak to a lawyer to find out who may be eligible and how to seek compensation for the death of your loved one.

Has your career been severely impacted by a careless driver? Not only are lost wages from work a legitimate damage category, but you can also be compensated if an accident has destroyed your career due to physical injuries. You may have been a promising artist, actor, business owner, or worked in many other lucrative career fields before the accident. You can be paid for what might have been, so speak to a lawyer about the ways your chosen career was sidelined after an accident.

Your case doesn't necessarily have to meet any of the above extraordinary circumstances to merit the help of a personal injury lawyer. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case today.