Is A Charitable Remainder Trust For You?

Charitable remainder trusts present a chance for you to make a final contribution to organizations of your choice and also reduce your estate tax bill. However, there is a significant drawback to consider. If you are considering establishing a charitable remainder trust as part of your estate planning, here is what you need to know. How Does It Work? A charitable remainder trust has many similarities to other types of trusts.

4 Ways To Prove Your Sexual Assault Case

Being violated sexually can be an overwhelming time. You may feel scared and completely alone. This can be a real challenge for any individual, and taking the time to hire an attorney and seek justice is ideal. When you take legal action on your assailant, you will need to be able to prove your case. The best time during civil litigation to do this is during the discovery stage. There are four parts to this stage, and knowing a bit about each one can be extremely helpful to you.

4 Things That You Cannot Do In Your Will

Wills are great tools that will allow you to divide your assets and estate as you deemed fit after you have died. However, there are limits as to what a will can do. There are certain provisions that simply are not legally possible. Read on, and discover some of the limits of a will. If you plan on drafting a will, it might be in your best interest to hire an attorney who specializes in trusts.

3 Common DUI Penalties

Being charged with a DUI is not a pleasant experience. In addition to it being quite humiliating, you may also suffer from a number of legal consequences. Read on and discover some of the most common legal – and private – penalties that may be levied against you if you are charged with a DUI. It is highly recommended that, if charged with a DUI, you seek out the services of an attorney who is experienced in representing those charged with DUIs or DWIs.

Medical Negligence: When You've Been Injured After Being Treated For A Medical Condition

When you have a medical condition and you are seeking treatment, you expect that you will provided with care that doesn't leave you worse off than when you started. While sometimes getting sicker is simply a manifestation of your illness, there are times when the treatment you have received has been detrimental to your overall health. While not all cases of receiving treatment and getting worse are considered medical neglect, sometimes the wrong treatment is prescribed and it hurts you further.