Specific Notes To Take After An Accident

You have probably heard the advice that it is best to take notes after an accident. This is necessary because it's not wise to rely on memory; human memory is fickle. However, do you know what you should include in these notes? You can write almost everything about the accident, but some of the things you shouldn't leave out include:

A Description of the Accident

This should be an overview of the accident. Start from the beginning -- which is what you were doing shortly before the accident occurred. An example is that you were going to the mall (be specific and write its name) and stopped at a red light two blocks away. Suddenly, you heard a loud thud from behind, your car lurched forward and hit the van in front of you – you get the idea, be as descriptive as possible.

Conversations about the accident

Noting down conversations about the accident may also jot your memory about details you might miss. For example, when the adjuster calls you, you should put down the details of the conversation after hanging up. Other conversations to include are those that you have with witnesses, your doctor, and rescue teams (for example when they describe how they found you unconscious at the accident scene).


Injuries are an integral part of any accident claim. Include the obvious injuries you felt immediately after the accident, for example, a gash on your forehead, as well as any that you may learn from your doctor's visit (such as internal bleeding). Apart from physical injuries, include emotional or psychological disturbances such as lack of sleep and anxiety.


This is another important aspect of injury claims. Apart from economic damages (such as car repairs and lost earning), it includes everything you have not been able to do due to the accident. For example, if you weren't able to take your college examinations or attend your sister's wedding, you should include those in your notes. These are necessary because they are things you would have enjoyed in the absence of your injuries, and your lawyer will likely seek for suitable compensation.

These are just a few examples, but you can include everything as long as they are connected to the accident. Update your notes as days go by; for example when delayed injuries kick in or your doctor calls you back for further tests. Do this diligently and you will be making a big contribution to the success of your case.

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