Reasons Why Not Hiring a Lawyer After Being Charged With a DUI Is a Big Mistake

Being charged with a DUI is serious, and the actions that you take after your arrest can make a big difference. The smart thing to do in this type of situation is to immediately hire a DUI lawyer to represent you. Unfortunately, many people opt to take their chances and try to represent themselves in court. While the services of a highly skilled DUI lawyer may not be inexpensive, hiring a DUI lawyer is a very good investment.

Legal Recourse For A Lung Disease Diagnosis

Doctors are responsible for diagnosing thousands of patients each day. For some patients, a diagnosis of lung disease can feel like an overwhelming burden. The treatment for lung disease can be costly. You may also find that you are unable to participate in your day-to-day activities (like work and social engagements) as the lung disease progresses. Filing a lawsuit in court can be a beneficial way to help access the financial resources you need to battle lung disease.

How To Argue That You Weren't Driving During Your DUI

If you are charged with a DUI, there are several defenses you can mount that may allow you to have your charges dismissed. One of the common defenses that are mounted is that you were not driving at the time of the DUI. This defense can be effective if you were charged with a DUI in a state where being the operator of the vehicle is a necessary part of being charged with a DUI.

Bankruptcy 101: The Fundamentals of Asset Disclosure

When you file for bankruptcy, a key part of the process is creating an inventory of your assets. This is vital because the courts use the value of your assets to determine what they can liquidate to help reduce the write-off balance of your debts. As a result, you're expected to be fully forthcoming about your assets. Here's a look at what you need to know about asset declaration, hiding assets, and bankruptcy law.

What Medical Malpractice Victims Need To Know About Time Limits

It's not often that a visit to a doctor or medical facility causes harm rather than healing. When it happens to you or a loved one, it can seem like your trust was misplaced. Nothing can take away the hurt and distrust a medical injury causes but you can take action to help ensure that others are not also harmed. When you think about taking legal action against a doctor or medical facility, time is a very important factor.