Hiring a Criminal-Defense Attorney for Your Teen with Autism

There is a frightening rise in violence from and against teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorders. Even when the police recognize the autism in teens, their caregivers are at serious risk. (Just look at the African-American caregiver who was shot in the street for attempting to help his patient, who had autism). Therefore, if you find that your autistic teen has been accused of a crime, you will need to hire a very good criminal-defense attorney.

What to Know about Your Bankruptcy Trustee

If you have made the decision to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will be coming into contact with several unfamiliar terms and concepts, and one of them is the bankruptcy trustee. Once you have completed your federal filing, you will receive written notice of its acceptance and a notification of your assigned bankruptcy trustee. This person will oversee your bankruptcy case from beginning to end, but most filers have only one or two contacts with their trustee.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Defenses: Technicalities

Most people have heard about technicalities being used as legal defenses. Many want to use them as their defense in a personal injury case, but is it possible? What is a technicality and when it is a viable defense? What Is a Technicality? Basically, a legal technicality doesn't usually have anything to do with the case. It's about the law/rule or about the lawsuit filing that makes the prosecution weak or invalid.

Is A Charitable Remainder Trust For You?

Charitable remainder trusts present a chance for you to make a final contribution to organizations of your choice and also reduce your estate tax bill. However, there is a significant drawback to consider. If you are considering establishing a charitable remainder trust as part of your estate planning, here is what you need to know. How Does It Work? A charitable remainder trust has many similarities to other types of trusts.

4 Ways To Prove Your Sexual Assault Case

Being violated sexually can be an overwhelming time. You may feel scared and completely alone. This can be a real challenge for any individual, and taking the time to hire an attorney and seek justice is ideal. When you take legal action on your assailant, you will need to be able to prove your case. The best time during civil litigation to do this is during the discovery stage. There are four parts to this stage, and knowing a bit about each one can be extremely helpful to you.