Can Assets In A Trust End Up In Probate?

One of the most common ways an estate planner will try to avoid the probate process is setting up a trust. If you're worried that you're being unfairly denied access to the probate system because assets are in a trust, you may want to ask a probate lawyer to look at your situation. Here are some things you should expect to discuss when you meet with a probate lawyer. Are the Assets Actually Part of the Trust?

Worried About Your Case? 4 Ways A Jury Consulting Service Can Help Alleviate The Worry

If you have a case that you're worried about, it's time to utilize the services of a jury consultant. Your case is going to be decided by the twelve people who will be assigned to take their place in the jury box. If you get the wrong jury members, your case may be over before it even begins. However, it goes beyond that. You may get all the right jury members, but if your presentation isn't correct, you may lose them.

3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a serious crime, it is important to take action promptly. While you can legally represent yourself in court for a criminal charge, doing so is almost always the worst thing that you can do. Having a serious conviction on your record can negatively affect your life in numerous ways-- you may be sent to prison, and even after you are released, you could find it difficult to pass employment background checks, rent property, or obtain fingerprint clearance cards necessary for many careers.

Three Awkward, Post-Car Accident Legal Situations And How To Work Them Out

When you are hit by someone while driving, or you hit someone else, the question is always, "Do you sue?" However, there are some certain legal situations that are quite awkward post-car accident, and trying to work through these situations can feel like you are starring in a really bad sitcom. Still, if any of the following happen to you, it helps to know how you can navigate through each of these awkward legal situations.

Toll Booth Injuries That Could Lead to a Workers' Compensation Suit

If you work in a toll booth, you might have weeks, months, or even years of experience without even coming close to an injury. All of that can change in a short time if you are injured and unable to work while you recover. Some toll booth-related injuries can be a direct result of your work environment — perhaps prompting you to pursue a workers' compensation suit with the help of a local law firm.