Medical Negligence: When You've Been Injured After Being Treated For A Medical Condition

When you have a medical condition and you are seeking treatment, you expect that you will provided with care that doesn't leave you worse off than when you started. While sometimes getting sicker is simply a manifestation of your illness, there are times when the treatment you have received has been detrimental to your overall health. While not all cases of receiving treatment and getting worse are considered medical neglect, sometimes the wrong treatment is prescribed and it hurts you further. If you believe that you were not treated properly for an illness and you are currently disabled because of it, you need to meet with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

If the Treatment Was Standard Care

It's possible that you were injured from treatment, even when that treatment is the standard of care. If it is clear that your symptoms presented as a particular problem and your treating physician treated you in a typical manner, there is no cause for a personal injury claim. For a claim to be considered medical negligence, your physician must have provided treatment that was outside of the norm for the symptoms you were presenting. This is called meeting the standard of care, and it can be very difficult to prove that your doctor treated you outside this standard.

When You Receive the Wrong Medication

Sometimes a case of medical negligence is easy to prove, as in the case of receiving the wrong medication. Even if you receive a high dose of the wrong medication, there still has to be an injury caused from receiving the wrong medication in order for you to have a viable personal injury lawsuit. If the wrong medication made you sick and caused you to have problems that you didn't have before, you have a possible personal injury lawsuit to file.

When the Cause of Your Disability is Difficult to Determine

If you went into the hospital for medical treatment and you have found yourself more disabled than when you went in, determining why you are disabled may still be difficult. You may have been treated by a number of providers, and not one specific treatment is responsible for your injuries. While several physicians may have missed your diagnosis, this doesn't mean you have a guaranteed case. In fact, if several doctors were given the same set of symptoms and still missed your diagnosis, it may be even more difficult to present a personal injury lawsuit based on medical negligence. Contact a lawyer like one from Hornthal Riley Ellis & Maland LLP to learn more.