Injured On The Job? Know The Proper Steps To Take

It can be unexpected to be injured at work if you have a typical desk job, but it does happen. You would be surprised at how often slip and falls happen while at work, which can take an employee to the hospital and leave them unable to work due to their injury. Here is what you should do if a workplace injury happens to you.

Let Your Employer Know Immediately

You need to immediately notify your employer about the injury so there is no doubt about when and where it happened. This helps create a record about the injury so there are no questions later on about how it happened. Let them know details about how it happened, who witnessed it, and what parts of your body you injured.

See Your Doctor Immediately

A problem with any personal injury is that people think they are okay and do not visit a doctor right away. It is important to get medical attention as soon as possible so that your injury can be evaluated by a professional to let you know how bad it is.

The doctor visit is crucial because they may tell you not to return to work right away. If they feel you have a partial and temporary disability, you will be given a plan of action to rehabilitate the injury and see specialists to get back on the road to recovery.

Your injury may be more serious and categorized as a permanent partial disability, which means you may won't be capable of going back to performing your old job if your injury is affecting how you can work. Only a doctor can make the assessment of how serious your injury is, so you are always better off having it evaluated by a professional.

Start Your Workers Comp Claim

Your employer can help you file a workers comp claim since the injury happened while you were working for them. You should get to filing this paperwork as soon as possible since there are not delays in the process. Chances are you have some large medical bills at this point you will need to be reimbursed for.

Be Ready to Hire a Lawyer

It is best to reach out to a lawyer that specializes in workers comp cases. You will need their help if your claim is denied or your employer is being resistant to helping to because they do not want to file a claim.

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