Legal Services That You May Need As a Trans Man or Woman

Living as a trans man or woman can present numerous challenges, and while there might be growing acceptance of your community, there are still difficult scenarios that you will face. You may need to seek the help of one or more attorneys who can provide assorted legal services that can benefit you. Depending on what challenges you've faced in your life, or are perhaps continuing to face, legal intervention can send a firm message that you don't want people to victimize you because of who you are. Consult with a local law firm if you require any of the following legal services.

Restraining Order

A family attorney can be of assistance if you want to take out a restraining order on someone in your life. Trans people often face harassment from acquaintances and perhaps even family members or former friends. Sometimes, this harassment can turn violent or threaten to turn violent, and you may feel as though it's only a matter of time before you get seriously hurt. A restraining order is a valuable legal way to create separation between you and the other party, and a family attorney will represent you in the effort to get this order approved.

Discrimination Suit

Trans people often face discrimination in several areas of their lives. A common scenario is employment discrimination. For example, you might continually apply for jobs but have trouble getting one because of what you believe to be others judging you and not hiring you because of who you are. Discrimination can be challenging to prove, but an attorney who specializes in this area of the law can investigate your case and deem whether it might be appropriate for a suit. If so, the attorney will represent you as you bring legal action against the company that discriminated against you.

Wrongful Dismissal

Another employment-related issue that trans people often face is wrongful dismissal. For example, if you were successfully employed by a certain company but were promptly terminated upon completing your gender transition, you may feel as though this dismissal was unlawful. Many attorneys specialize in employment topics such as wrongful dismissal, so you can provide the specifics of your story to the right attorney and move forward with legal action against the employer. You may want your old job back, or you may want a settlement so that you can move on with your life and find a new job.

If you think you might be in need of law firm services, contact a legal professional who can help you today.