Upon Being Injured At A Baseball Game, Your Settlement Could Include These Things

Most fans are able to successfully attend baseball games without being hurt, but this isn't always the case. Whether you slip and fall in the bathroom, fall down a flight or stairs, or are hit by an errant ball, you may want to take legal action against the team with the help of a personal injury legal professional. It makes sense to seek financial damages, but this isn't the only option that is available to you. Often, sports franchises are eager to settle with injury victims quickly and quietly — especially if the nature of your injury was public and the team has been receiving bad press. If you're not necessarily after money, here are some requests to include in your settlement.

Free Tickets

Your injury may keep you away from the stadium for a period of time, but that doesn't mean that you'll never visit again. If you plan to continue supporting the team, it may be worthwhile to request free tickets in your lawsuit. Consider that the value of the tickets may be significantly less than a financial settlement — which can mean that the team may be eager to wrap up your suit with this agreement. Whether you get season tickets, tickets to a handful of games, or a private suite to one or more games, these outcomes can be ideal.

Clothing Or Memorabilia

Another option to explore if you wish to remain a fan of the team and you aren't necessarily eager to get money in your settlement is to ask for clothing or memorabilia. For example, you might want a team jersey for each of your family members, or perhaps a couple of signed posters that are available for sale in the team's souvenir shop. These requests might seem a little odd, but your personal injury attorney will present them in a manner that can be appealing to the team's legal counsel.

Unique Opportunities

The team in question may be willing to entertain your request of certain unique opportunities if it means that you can settle your suit without a significant amount of money changing hands. For example, you might ask to use one of the stadium's private event spaces at no charge for an upcoming event that you'll be hosting. Or, you might simply want to get a private tour of the stadium. You should never be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to structuring a personal injury suit, especially if your injuries were not substantial.

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