Toll Booth Injuries That Could Lead to a Workers' Compensation Suit

If you work in a toll booth, you might have weeks, months, or even years of experience without even coming close to an injury. All of that can change in a short time if you are injured and unable to work while you recover. Some toll booth-related injuries can be a direct result of your work environment — perhaps prompting you to pursue a workers' compensation suit with the help of a local law firm. Your suit, which will likely allege negligence on the part of your employer, will seek to give you compensation for your missed work and medical expenses.

Here are some toll booth injuries for which this legal action may be warranted.


A toll booth can be an unpleasant work environment when it's extremely cold. Many booths have some form of rudimentary heating — a small space heater, for example — but this won't necessarily be enough to keep you warm when you have the window open to serve your drivers all day. It's possible that you could develop frostbite to your fingertips, given that you need to keep your hands bare to handle money and receipts. You may pursue action against your employer for not giving you a warm work environment in cold weather.

Heat Exhaustion

At the other end of the spectrum is hot weather, which can be just as uncomfortable — albeit in a different way. While you might have a small fan, this may not be enough to keep you cool while you work long shifts in your toll booth. It's possible that you could develop heat exhaustion, which may keep you out of work for a while. Your attorney will state how the extreme heat of the work environment was directly responsible for your injury — thus making your employer negligent.

Car Accident

Most cars approach toll plazas at low speeds, but this might not always be the case. You can be hurt on the job as a result of a car traveling at a high rate of speed and hitting your booth. This incident could leave you with serious injuries that may keep you away from work for months or even longer. Your workers' compensation suit may point out how there was inadequate signage leading up to the toll plaza that implored motorists to slow down, thus making your employer responsible for the unfortunate incident to some extent.

If you recently experienced a work-related injury, contact a local workers compensation law attorney.