Three Awkward, Post-Car Accident Legal Situations And How To Work Them Out

When you are hit by someone while driving, or you hit someone else, the question is always, "Do you sue?" However, there are some certain legal situations that are quite awkward post-car accident, and trying to work through these situations can feel like you are starring in a really bad sitcom. Still, if any of the following happen to you, it helps to know how you can navigate through each of these awkward legal situations. 

You Hit an Auto Accident Lawyer

Oh, the irony! Maybe it is coincidence? Whatever it is, hitting an auto accident attorney's car with your own vehicle, even when it is an accident, is probably not going to go well for you. If the lawyer chooses to sue you, they do not even need legal representation in court because they are a lawyer. If that is the case in your case, you will need to find a very good lawyer of your own to go head to head with the accident lawyer whose car you just hit. 

You Try to Hire a Lawyer from the Same Firm Where This Lawyer Works

Uh-oh. Calling around to find a lawyer to hire to defend you in a case where you hit a lawyer's car is hard enough. Trying to hire a lawyer that works at the same firm as the other lawyer whose car you just hit? Well, that is not going to go well at all. Most attorneys who work in the same office will talk about these kinds of things, and by the time you explain your case, the lawyer with whom you are speaking would already know that they cannot represent you because you hit a vehicle of one of the lawyers working in the firm. It would be a major conflict of interest at best, and a professional suicide at worst. 

You Hired a Lawyer for Something Else, and Then Hit Another Lawyer's Vehicle in the Firm's Parking Lot

Ouch. You have already retained the services of a lawyer in that firm. You were probably feeling elated about hiring a lawyer when you backed into, swiped, or crashed into another lawyer's vehicle on the firm's own parking lot. How this is typically handled is that the lawyer you hired can refuse to work for you, or they may complete your case but the other lawyer in the firm cannot sue you until you are no longer a client. In that case, you should immediately start looking for another auto accident attorney.