Worried About Your Case? 4 Ways A Jury Consulting Service Can Help Alleviate The Worry

If you have a case that you're worried about, it's time to utilize the services of a jury consultant. Your case is going to be decided by the twelve people who will be assigned to take their place in the jury box. If you get the wrong jury members, your case may be over before it even begins. However, it goes beyond that. You may get all the right jury members, but if your presentation isn't correct, you may lose them. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to work with a jury consulting service

Test the Waters

When it comes to trying your case before a jury, you need to make sure that the message you're sending is the right one. One way to ensure that is to use a jury consulting service. A mock jury will give you the opportunity to test the waters. You want to ensure that your message is clear and that it's being delivered in a tone that will satisfy a jury. You also want to ensure that any visuals you plan to use will be received in a positive manner by your jury. 

Assess Your Own Delivery

When people are chosen for a jury, they spend a good part of their time assessing the attorneys. Unfortunately, if jury members don't like the delivery, they may not listen as intently as they should, which can be detrimental to your client. If you're concerned about your own delivery, it's time to work with a jury consulting service. A mock jury will allow you to assess your own delivery and to make adjustments accordingly. Making the necessary adjustments to your delivery before your case goes to trial will help you avoid problems with the jury. 

Measure Jury Temperament

If you have a difficult case to defend, especially one that involves high emotions, you want to measure jury temperament. Emotions can run high during certain types of cases, which is why you need to be able to read a jury before they're seated in the box. One way to do that is through the use of a jury consulting service. A mock jury will allow you to identify areas that will require special handling during the trial, especially those areas that might elicit strong emotions. 

Allow Client Participation

If your client is overly anxious about their trial and you want to help alleviate that anxiety, work with a jury consulting service. One of the benefits of working with this type of service is that it allows for client participation. That means your client will be able to see how a jury may respond to their case. It can also help identify body movement or facial expressions that might pose a problem for your client. The early intervention will allow you to work with your client prior to trial.