Which Witnesses Are Needed For Your Car Accident Case?

Injuries suffered in a car accident can impact you for the rest of your life. If the car accident was due to the negligence of another driver, you have a right to file for damages you have suffered due to your injuries. If your case goes to a trial, you need witnesses to corroborate your version of the events. Here are some different witness types you and your attorney need to consider.


The victims in the accident are among the most important when it comes to witness testimony, including yourself. The court will hear each witness's version of the events and how the accident unfolded. When you testify, you will tell the court what you presume caused the accident, what you experienced during the accident, and what happened immediately following the accident. You might also be asked about your injuries.

Those Who Saw the Accident Happen

Any bystanders who saw the accident unfold may also be called to testify in your case if they can be reached. Most police reports contain contact information for those who were at the scene of the accident. Your attorney can reach out to these eyewitnesses for testimony on your behalf. An eyewitness can corroborate your version of the accident. Eyewitnesses can also possibly testify as to the disposition of the other driver prior to the accident. For example, he or she may be able to testify that the other driver was driving in an erratic manner, that the other driver ran a traffic light or a road sign, that he or she was distracted, that the driver was intoxicated, and so on.

Medical Professionals

A medical professional is also a key witness in a car accident case. Your doctors and other medical professionals can testify as to your injuries suffered in the accident. These witnesses can provide information as to how your injuries will impact your life, which provides reasonable cause for your case for damages. Medical professionals can give credence to your life moving forward and your prognosis. If your injuries caused a permanent disability, medical professionals can testify to that fact as well.


In some cases, your attorney may believe an accident reconstructionist is necessary for your case. This is an expert who will review the facts of the accident and recreate the scene for the court to better understand what happened. This is an impartial expert witness who will use different pieces of evidence to explain the scenario. The reconstructionist will draw from photographs, the police report, witness statements, the weather on the day of the accident, and anything else needed to fully expound on the accident.

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