When Do You Need A Semi Truck Accident Attorney?

Accidents with semi or big rig trucks rarely end well for those in much smaller passenger vehicles. In fact, there were 4,136 fatalities related to big rig accidents in 2018 alone. Of those, 67 percent were occupants of passenger vehicles. That doesn't even include the injuries caused by large truck collisions. These injuries are often extensive. Plus, these accidents cause more than minor property damage.

Unfortunately, many of the personal and financial costs of these types of accidents aren't always immediately obvious. That is why you need a semi truck accident attorney who understands the nature of these accidents and what they can mean for you and your family from the very beginning. These are just a few reasons why a semi truck accident lawyer is a must if you've been in an accident involving one of these large vehicles.

Here's What Your Semi Truck Accident Attorney Understands

An experienced semi truck accident attorney understands many things going into meetings with insurance companies and trucking company attorneys that you don't know including the following information about common causes of these types of accidents.

Fatigue. According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS), roughly 13 percent of truck crashes with fatalities identify truck driver fatigue was associated as a factor in the accident.

Distracted driving. From mobile phones to radio stations, DVD viewing, and even reading books, there are all kinds of distractions on the roads today. Truck drivers are no exception. The truth is they can be even deadlier in vehicles that can take up to two football fields to stop.

Vehicle disrepair. Another common cause of auto accidents with large trucks involves various issues of disrepair on the vehicle. This includes things like failing breaks, blown tires, and various mechanical issues that can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Driver error and/or behavior. Things like speeding, aggressive driving, and making simple mistakes can have deadly consequences in accidents involving large trucks. Your semi truck accident attorney can dig through the driver's record to determine if there is a history of errors or poor behaviors behind the wheel.

Your semi truck accident attorney can turn this invaluable knowledge into a strong case on your behalf to get a larger settlement offer from the insurance and trucking companies or to create a compelling presentation in court that may translate into larger judgments awarded in your favor. For more information, reach out to a semi truck accident attorney at a firm like Law Office of Troy B. Jones.