3 Problems You Can Run Into When Injured On Your Motorcycle

If you were involved in an accident on your motorcycle that resulted in an injury, you'll likely need to go after the other driver to receive compensation for your medical bills. However, there are some problems you can run into that will prevent that from happening, even if the other driver is clearly at fault.  By being aware of the problems you can run into, you can avoid issues that can cause your personal injury lawsuit to not go well.

The Other Driver Doesn't Have Coverage For Bodily Injuries

A big problem that you'll have is if the other driver does not have any insurance coverage for bodily injuries caused to other people that they injure. This is the coverage that you end up using to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. There are states that do not require drivers to carry liability coverage, which can cause a big problem for you when it comes to actually getting paid.

When the accident involves some sort of corporate vehicle, such as a semi-truck, rideshare driver, or vehicle that belongs to a business, chances are very high that they have higher than normal liability coverage and you'll be fine. The problem comes from individual drivers that either have no coverage or very little coverage.

While you are not completely out of luck in this situation, having the insurance policy in place makes collecting your settlement much easier since it is the insurance company that pays out. You have the option to collect from the individual directly, but if they don't have the money, there is not much you can do to take it from them.

You Don't Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If you're riding a motorcycle, you should be carrying uninsured motorist insurance to give you that added protection from the other driver not having the proper insurance. Of course, there are limits to how much coverage you have based on the policy that you decide to purchase. If you have uninsured motorist coverage on your primary vehicle and not your motorcycle, it may be possible to use that other vehicle's uninsured motorist coverage to receive the compensation you need. Not sure how much uninsured motorist coverage you have? Read the declarations page of your insurance policy, since it will all be spelled out for you.

You Don't Get Immediate Medical Treatment

Minor injuries are difficult to receive compensation for, especially if the injury is not major enough to require medical attention. This means things like neck, elbow, back, or knee pain, rather than something major like a broken bone. Always get medical treatment immediately to show the full extent of your injury and have it documented.

With these things in mind, your injury lawyer should be able to help you get the most compensation possible to help recover from your injury.