Car Wreck Accidents: Some of the Most Common Distractions to Drivers When Driving

Distracted driving is probably the major cause of fatal car crashes that happen throughout the country. In most cases, drivers lose concentration and end up getting their eyes and minds out of the road or sometimes, their hands off the steering wheel. As a result, the vehicle loses direction, hitting other cars or pedestrians. Unfortunately, you don't have control over how other people drive. Therefore, you have to be vigilant when driving because it only takes a split of a second for a driver to cause an accident after a distraction. That said, here are some of the most common distractions to drivers when driving.  

Using Cell Phones When Driving

Many drivers have a habit of using their cell phones when driving. They talk, text, watch videos, send emails, or watch videos, thinking they can handle both tasks simultaneously. Unfortunately, this makes them lose concentration, causing collisions. And so it's advisable to keep your phone away when driving. You can also sync it to your vehicle's Bluetooth system and use it hands-free while your hands stay firm on the steering wheel. Besides, if you're using your phone for directions, it is not best to hold it in your hand. Instead, use the loudspeaker to hear directions or have a passenger hold it up for you and guide you as you drive.

Shifting Focus to Passengers in the Vehicle

Some drivers lose concentration after shifting their focus to passengers in the vehicle. For example, a couple may start joking and playing in the vehicle, making the driver lose concentration. Other drivers engage in a deep conversation, making them shift all their focus on the passenger. Babies and toddlers can also be a huge distraction, especially when they start crying or asking for help. When this happens, motorists forget to park their vehicles to attend to their kids safely. With that in mind, it could be best to request your passenger to stop their distracting behavior, enabling you to concentrate on driving. Then, if your kids need help, park your car in a safe area and take care of their needs before you continue driving.

Listening to Loud Music When Driving

Music keeps drivers entertained, especially when driving for long hours. However, it causes distraction when they turn up the volume to enjoy their favorite songs. It takes the mind off driving and makes it hard to hear sirens or other signals that may be guiding them on the measures to take.

If you sustain injuries in an accident you suspect occurred because the driver lost concentration after distraction, report it immediately to law enforcement. Then, contact a professional car wreck lawyer for guidance on what you should do on the accident scene and how to deal with insurance companies. They will also value your claim, negotiate for a fair settlement and you may proceed to court when insurers offer an unacceptable payment.