Meeting With A Probate Attorney? Ask These Questions

Are you going to be meeting with a probate attorney to handle a loved one's estate? If so, you should ask them the following questions before you agree to work with them.

Do You Regularly Practice Probate Law?

Many lawyers are capable of handling probate cases due to their knowledge of the law. However, it's important that you ask your potential lawyer how much experience they have in probate cases. A lawyer that focuses on this part of the law is going to be very qualified in terms of handling your case because they simply have more experience and know the ups and downs that can happen during the legal process. You'll want a lawyer on your side that is well prepared and not handling an issue for the first time on your probate case. 

Have You Worked With The Local Probate Court Assigned To The Case? 

You'll need to go through the probate process in the area where your loved one was living since that is where the estate is located. It is worth asking if the lawyer has any experience working with the probate court in that specific area. This is because it can help to have experiences with the judges in that specific court, which can help the process go smoothly instead of running into bumps in the road.

How Long Will the Probate Process Take?

The question of how long the probate process will take will depend on everyone's unique financial situation. However, your potential probate lawyer should be able to give you a rough estimate after a consultation based on the complexity of the case. While a probate lawyer cannot predict what type of objections others will have to the will that can slow down probate, they can let you know a best-case scenario so that you have a sense of the timing.

Who Will Be Personally Handling The Probate Case? 

It's important that you know who will be working on your probate case. Even if you are meeting with a lawyer that has their own practice, they may have aides that will handle most of the legal work for them. Make sure that you meet the people that will work on your case so that you know if you will feel comfortable working with them. 

How Much Will Probate Cost?

Every lawyer will have a fee structure to give you an idea of how much it will cost to go through the probate process. Make sure that you fully understand the fee structure and how it will apply to you. While it's impossible to give a precise estimate for their legal services, the fee structure will let you know what to expect.