Wrongful Death Due To A High-Speed Chase

Was your spouse riding his or her bike and was hit by a patrol vehicle as a police officer was in a high-speed chase? Did the accident result in your spouse passing away, which left you in grief and a financial bind? You might be qualified for compensation if it can be proven that wrongful death plays a role in the situation, which can be difficult to prove. You need an attorney to let you know if you have a chance of winning a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer. An attorney can help you sue the police department in general, but it depends on the details of the situation.

Was Your Spouse Following the Road Rules?

The most important question that you must be able to answer is whether or not your spouse was following the road rules when the incident took place. The reason is that if your spouse was not riding in the right lane or failed to move to the side of the road when he or she heard the sirens from the patrol vehicle, it is not likely a wrongful death. Proving that your spouse was not at fault can be difficult without the services that an attorney can provide. For example, a wrongful death attorney can find out what happened during the incident by investigating the accident scene. He or she will visit the scene to speak to nearby businesses owners, find witnesses, and locate surveillance footage of your spouse riding his or her bicycle.

Did the Police Department Hold the Officer Liable?

How did the police department react when the officer fatally collided with your spouse? Was the officer put on temporary leave until an investigation was performed? If the police department automatically assumed your spouse was at fault for causing the collision, you might be able to sue the officer and the police department. An attorney will attempt to speak to the authorities at the police department, obtain a report of the incident, and investigate everyone who is involved. The results of the investigation will determine if you can sue the police department along with the officer in question.

Was Your Spouse the Sole Income Provider?

Another aspect of your lawsuit will be to determine how badly the wrongful death affected your life. For example, if you could not take care of your daily living expenses after the incident because your spouse was your sole provider, an attorney will need that information. An attorney will discuss everything that you can be compensated for.