Get Help With An Immigration Lawyer

Finding the love of your life can be really rewarding. There are some things that can make it harder for you and the love of your life to end up together so that you can spend the rest of your lives together. One of those things is if you or your loved one are from another country and want to immigrate to the US so that you can be together. If that is what's happening, there are extra steps that you are going to have to take care of before you can ride off into the sunset together.

The Possible Consequences Of A DWI

If you have recently been arrested for driving while under the influence (DWI), then you have a lengthy and stressful legal battle ahead of you. This charge is given to people that the police believe, with reasonable suspicion, were driving under the influence of alcohol or an impairing drug, including prescription and over the counter drugs that can alter a person's ability to drive. After your charge, you will be given a court date, which you must attend, and, ideally, you should attend this court date with a lawyer who is experienced in DWI cases.

When Your Child Gets Taken By An Alligator At A Theme Park Resort: Can You Sue?

Recently, in the news, a toddler was snatched by an alligator near a Florida theme park resort. The family was on vacation, and they lost their child to the natural dangers of this region. The question that many people might be thinking in this case is: Can the parents sue the resort and theme park for the loss of their child? Here is what a personal injury attorney might say about this situation (if and when it applies to you).

Bicycle Accidents: 3 Aspects Of Liability

Car accident attorneys have the expertise to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve when you're injured in an accident, but not all collisions involve two automobiles. One area of the law for which car accident attorneys are often solicited involves bicycle collisions. Often, these are accidents where a cyclist was struck by an oncoming vehicle, and other times, they involve circumstances of out-of-control cyclists colliding with nearby pedestrians. The following article discusses some of the ins and outs regarding bicycle accidents, including general liability, road obstructions, and helmet laws.

Selling Your Home? Here Are Four Things You May Be Legally Required To Disclose

Does your home have a few dirty little secrets? Maybe you thought you'd keep them to yourself because otherwise you might not be able to find a buyer. That's not such a good idea, and in fact, it can even be criminal. Below are four things that must be disclosed to potential home buyers. Disclosure #1: Damages You're Aware Of While the extent to which you must disclose will depend on your state, most states require that sellers inform buyers about any issues with the home that the seller knows about.